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Safety Tips to Follow When Using CNC Laser Machine

Safety Tips to Follow When Using CNC Laser Machine

Due to their increased shop productivity, CNC cutting sheet through laser machines is becoming increasingly popular. High-tech is very user-friendly and simplifies the lives of the employees. However, if someone doesn’t know what they are doing, they risk hurting themselves. Every worker should know the following safety precautions while CNC sheet cutting via CNC laser machine.

How does CNC laser cutting work?

CNC laser cutting is a thermal-based, non-contact method. A CNC laser cutter has a laser head with a nozzle and a laser focusing lens. This head and lens assembly focus a laser beam-column of extremely intense light through the nozzle onto the workpiece, melting and cutting it to the desired shape. Compressing gas is used in CNC lasers to cool the focusing lens and expel the evaporated metal from the workpiece while also passing through the nozzle that ejects the laser beam.

The heat density at a location on a metallic surface that is the focus of a strong laser beam increases, causing fast heating and partial vaporization of that point on the metal. Creating the appropriate customs forms and features is supported by CNC technology that coordinates the movements of this laser head and beams in the work area.

Five Safety Tips to Follow

Safety is of utmost importance when operating CNC laser machines as they can be very damaging if safety measures are not followed. Here are a few safety tips that should be followed while operating a CNC laser machine.

  • Never Leave Your Laser Unattended When Firing

Never Leave Your Laser Unattended When Firing

A laser cutter uses strong lasers that could catch fire in an accident or catastrophe. Accidents can occur when people use the cutter carelessly. The operator should monitor the operation whenever the machine is firing. There should be more than two operators working the machine because smaller projects take less time to complete, and larger ones can take several hours. If the first operator needs a break, the other operator can step in to continue inspecting the machine while it is firing. If you leave the laser cutter alone while firing, serious harm is dangerous.

  • Never Cut Material with Unknown Properties

Never Cut Material with Unknown Properties

The qualities of different materials vary so greatly that a laser cannot cut on all sorts of materials. For instance, some lasers are designed specifically for use with paper and wood, while others work well with toles and PVC. Avoid using the machine to cut just any material because doing so could harm or cause fumes to fill your workplace.

A ventilation system is included with laser cutting machines to ensure a smooth operation. Cutting materials like PVC and other polymers without a ventilation system can produce dangerous fumes that are fatal if inhaled. 

  • Always Keep A Clean Workshop

Always Keep A Clean Workshop

Laser cutting safety and cleanliness go hand in hand to reduce the danger of injury. Even though the material cut by laser cutters is entirely dissolved, there is still a risk of fire if the remaining scrap is allowed to remain in the catch-bin. The majority of people are unaware that little particles of chopped materials, like sawdust, in the air can catch fire and explode. The likelihood of accidents and other major laser cutting safety issues is decreased by maintaining a tidy and clutter-free workspace.

  • Be Informed


The operator should always know how to operate a laser cutter and engraver before using one safely. Before utilizing any equipment, the worker should read the user manual carefully to comprehend all safety considerations.

Knowing your equipment and reading its handbook can help you determine whether, for instance, eye protection is needed to operate your specific laser cutter safely. That being said, workplaces should display warning signs to alert people to safety hazards and adequately designate safety gear, such as fire extinguishers and eyewash stations close to the area with lasers. 

  • Be Alert


When using any gear, including lasers, it’s crucial to keep safety in mind constantly. Utilize best practices daily by emphasizing safety before beginning a project and avoiding carelessness when operating your laser cutting equipment. Be mindful of your surroundings and regular working routines. You can always contact the technical support of your supplier and conduct a check before using the laser. If there is ever any risk involved regarding the security of a specific substance or aspect of your machine’s operation, you should always have an emergency plan and look for potential safety hazards.


It is of utmost importance to follow the safety precautions to operate a CNC laser machine safely and avoid accidents or mishappenings. For premium CNC laser cutting services, you can contact RP Lasertech. We offer metal sheet CNC cutting services at affordable rates and work with safety to deliver quickly and with precision. Our magnificent laser cutters and the team of professionals work together to deliver the best in the market. Give us a call today. 

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