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Cable trays are used for commercial and industrial construction cable management as an alternative to open wiring and electrical conduits. During power distribution and communication, cable trays support insulated electric cables. 

Cable trays of both ladder and perforated types are designed and manufactured by RP Lasertech. With their robust design, RP Lasertech is a cable tray manufacturer that makes Cable Trays available in various dimensions, namely length, width, height, and thickness, per the customer’s precise needs. We have all the accessories you need, including vertical and horizontal bends inside and outside, reducers, and tees.

Additionally, RP Lasertech, a cable tray manufacturer in India,  provides economical, fully adjustable, and reusable Support Systems that complement its Cable Tray products. In electrical systems, instrumentation systems, and mechanical systems, these are well suited. Installation is quite straightforward since no welding or drilling is required.

Perforated Cable Tray

Ladder Cable Tray

Solid Bottom Cable Tray

Channel Cable Tray

Channel Cable Tray


  • Reduce maintenance and improve safety.
  • It protects against fire and other fluctuations.
  • Different cable trays meet different infrastructure requirements.
  • Suitable for internal and external installations connections.


  • Tray cable is ideal for use in facilities that extract and manufacture fuel, given their harsh environments
  • Water treatment plants use tray cable because it is suitable for dry as well as wet conditions.
  • The jacketing and insulation of tray cable are carefully considered in electrical co-generation
  • Cable trays can be used in wastewater treatment plants for dry and wet applications.


A- Cables and wires run through a specially designed channel. In addition to providing mechanical support and protection, cable trays can be tailored by cable tray suppliers near me to meet specific requirements. Flames, electrical noise, vibrations, crushing, and other hazards are some types of protection that jackets and shields can provide. Known as wireway.

Typical Cable trays can be categorised into the following types.

  • Ladder-type.
  • Perforated type.
  • Solid bottom type.
  • Wire mesh.
  • Channel type.

Fire resistance, ignition potential, and cable fire propagation between adjacent trays are important considerations for cable trays. The cable trays, fire protection, and ventilation systems in the area are all related to the cables and cable materials. 

So, it’s best to provide relevant information to your stainless steel cable tray manufacturers to get a product that’s best suited for your needs. 


Among many uses for cable, trays are petrochemical refineries, industrial control systems, intercom systems, traffic control relays, and power extensions. Among its applications are trays, wireways, troughs, ducts, conduits, and channels, which are recognized as hazardous locations in classes 1, 2, and 3. Business machines, airports, petrochemical refineries, intercom systems, cash registers, and industrial control systems all use Power Limited Tray Cable. Wind Turbine Tray Cable (WTTC) is available for wind turbine applications that are environmentally friendly.

 As a cable tray manufacturing company, we provide Tray Cable Type TC that meets specific requirements for the National Electrical Code, UL guidelines, and flame resistance tests. They have numerous superior features, which make them excellent for the applications listed above. 

  • Less expensive: Cable trays are one of the best ways to protect wiring on the production floor because they are significantly cheaper than other methods.
  • Easy Maintenance: Cables are instantly visible for maintenance checks and can be easily changed since the tray can be accessed anywhere in the system.
  • Safety: Cable trays are often installed in hard-to-reach locations, so regular housekeeping is essential.
  • Steel Cable Trays.
  • Stainless Steel Cable Trays.
  • GI Ladder Type Cable Tray.
  • Aluminum Cable Tray.
  • Mild Steel Cable Tray.
  • Perforated Cable Trays.
  • Ladder Cable Trays.
  • Galvanized Cable Trays

Due to the economic changes brought about by this health crisis, the cable tray manufacturers market, which accounted for the Steel Cable Trays global market in 2021, is estimated to grow at a revised CAGR of 10.3% by 2028. In contrast, the Power Industry segment will be forecast based on a CAGR.


Through regional segmentation, consumers can understand the potential of several regions, which allows them to answer questions such as which location will grow the fastest over the forecast period of 2022-2028 or which location will dominate the market for cable tray machine manufacturers in India in the future.


Supporting high volume or heavy cabling with cable ladders is generally recommended, especially if there are long distances between supports. Supporting lightweight cables, instrumental equipment, and tubing is common for cable tray suppliers near me. But look for a local cable tray manufacturer who can fulfill your requirements. 

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