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Our Work Culture

Trust, Transparency and Traceability are three founding pillars of the work culture at RP Lasertech. We believe the quality and precision we boast is a result of the highly professional and creative work environment we provide to our employees. The company encourages talent and provides ample opportunities to ensure personal and professional growth.


The following are the basic essential principles that form the foundation of our unique work culture.


  • Working with dignity and self-respect is a basic human right and we at RP Lasertech respect that at all times.
  • A fair and impartial management is an essential requisite for every organization. We completely understand and honour that.
  • We promise to encourage potential development by recognition of efforts of our employees and rewarding their performance.
  • We provide a congenial and friendly workplace which is eco-friendly, safe and healthy.
  • The management is very approachable and committed to employee welfare and growth.
  • We have an amazing work environment and a strong commitment to technical excellence so that we can build the best products to help people all around the globe.
  • Management is committed to respect for individual, openness and trust, fairness, honouring promises, creating a learning organization and leading by example.

Our People

Our people reflect our industry, our sector, our products and most importantly, our values, delivering quality and precision with teamwork, integrity, passion, and pursuit of excellence. For us, how we work is as important as what we do and so we adopt a dynamic culture at our organization which is equally adapting and challenging.

Life at RP Lasertech

At RP Lasertech, we place a great emphasis on precision and quality. But, our efforts to ensure precision and quality are not limited to our products and services: we ensure ample opportunities for personal and professional growth of all our employees and create a balance between work and life.


We value our relationships with our people as much as with our clients. We recognise potential and continually encourage professional development across departments, management and leadership levels. We value achievements and believe in celebrating them with appreciation and rewards. If you want to become a part of our dynamic team, you’re more than welcome. Get in touch with us to know more about the available opportunities.

Equal Opportunities

We believe in providing equal opportunity to all employees. All our employment-related decisions are based solely on their merit and the requirement of the related position.


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HR Policy

Our HR Policy ensures that every member of the company has an idea of the kind of workplace we aspire to become.

  • All employees should be treated equally, regardless of the race, religion, colour, sex, age, social status, etc. of an individual.
  • The company won’t tolerate any type of discrimination in its areas of activities including recruitment, hiring, discipline, discharge, pay, promotion, work assignment, scheduling of working hours & training.
  • The management also aims to protect its employees against any acts of harassment like bullying, intimidation, degradation, sexual harassment etc. at the workplace. The management will look into all such reported matters through an appropriate complaint handling process.

This policy applies to all employees and departments of the company and will be reviewed at least once annually.

HR Philosophy

Work as one team
Be a people’s manager
Work with Ethics and Values
Be fair and transparent in your work
Staying positive, staying passionate
Understanding & contributing to the business
You grow, We grow

Learning & Development

As an organization, we remain committed to building talent and provide our employees with an opportunity to grow into larger roles with higher accountabilities. We believe learning is constant and that “growth” is not limited to professional growth. So, we invest heavily in our employees, ensuring that learning never ends for them and that they grow in every aspect of their life. We continuously focus on developing skills and talents of our employees and offer them great opportunities to build their career, and take it to new heights.

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