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Essential Questions to ask before hiring a sheet metal Manufacturer company

Establishing a long-term relationship with the right sheet metal manufacturer is crucial to step up your business in the future. It can be difficult to choose between the available options, but following stringent guidelines will help maintain a great relationship with the right business.

When searching for one, you must ensure that you are looking for stainless steel fabricators that offer outstanding quality at an affordable price and meet your particular requirements. Therefore, it is best to do some research before deciding to know the quality of their service, the costs, the level of experience, and other aspects to look for before signing any contract.

Questions you should ask:

 A quick online search will provide plenty of sheet metal fabrication companies. However, you will have to dig around to find the right one, and there’s no way to get across to the one that ticks all your boxes.

Check out these questions to ask a sheet metal fabricator to ensure you are in the right hands for your project.

What Projects Have They Previously Worked on


Every fabricator has a portfolio that they can present. Each one of them can explain their latest work on their portfolio. Therefore, it would be better to check whether they can make the products and provide the services that you are seeking. 

You must properly analyze the work they have done in the past and do not miss to ask for references from clients who have dealt with them previously. This will help you determine whether they can handle the project you are expecting and whether they are capable of doing it.

What Equipment Do They Use?


If you are considering hiring sheet metal companies, there is one factor you cannot miss out on their equipment. Sheet metal fabricators are only as good as the equipment and the staff they have on hand.  If you want to see the company’s equipment or at least learn more about their equipment in general, please ask to see it.

If you want your project completed on time, you should work with a company that has state-of-the-art equipment. A few of the equipment you will need to look for are new punch presses and lasers that are suitable for your parts, good press brakes that can accommodate your parts, graining equipment that puts a nice finish on the parts, and hardware insertion machines.

Technology has evolved in the fabrication industry. Modern machines are capable of cutting through thick metal easily. Fabricators can offer you better quality and price when they have newer and more innovative equipment. Ensure that your sheet metal fabricator has the equipment to meet your volume needs. 

Do they hold a good reputation?


An excellent reputation is important when selecting a sheet metal fabrication company. The internet often contains reviews of certain companies. It may be worthwhile to ask around the trade to find out what others have experienced dealing with a certain company. This will allow you to determine whether the company can be relied upon to complete the task on time and meet your expectations.

How much experience do your sheet fabricators have?


The process of fabricating sheet metal can be very intricate, and it takes a great deal of experience to do it correctly. A well-crafted product comes from someone with experience who knows how to do the job and how to do it properly. It may cost more to hire experienced steel fabricators than those with less experience, but the investment will likely be worthwhile in the long run.

Ask what previous jobs a sheet metal fabrication company has handled in the past to get an idea of how much experience they have. They will likely be a good match if they have been involved in similar jobs.

Can they provide custom engineering solutions?


As most projects differ, readymade solutions often do not match the project’s requirements. Therefore, you should look for sheet metal fabricators who can design a product that meets all of your specifications and industry requirements for safety and functionality. 

Engineers can only deliver a high-quality solution with the appropriate training and considerable experience. When considering whether or not to work with a company, getting more information about their design and engineering teams and production departments is a good idea.

Can I trust the pricing?


The price should not be the only or main consideration, but it is important.  The cheapest price may not be the best deal, and that company may have overlooked something in their quoting process, which will cost you more in the long run. Always go for the best possible deal rather than the cheapest price since you usually get what you pay for.  To avoid quoting multiple vendors for every project, you should establish a good relationship with a manufacturer.  

A manufacturer must also be able to provide a quote in a reasonable amount of time.  Partner with a metal manufacturing company that can provide quotes on time while considering all your requirements. 

Are they Certified?


Certified Fabricators can produce components that meet the quality standard required by their industries for precision sheet metal fabrication.

Do not be fooled by large facilities and modern equipment when deciding whether to hire a company. For your project to succeed, ensure that their certifications are relevant and up-to-date

Are they provide installation services?


Some clients will especially appreciate the extra service, as they are placing orders for units with complex systems that need to be fitted with complex equipment. You may need to pay a little more for the service, but at least you can ensure that the product will function according to your specifications. Fabricators know the intricacies of the product better than anyone else, so they are the ones to install it because they are the ones who know it best.



When you ask these questions, you will be on your way to finding the right sheet metal fabricator that will fit all your needs. Before choosing a fabrication company, it is important to compare the services they provide with many others. Additionally, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on price. You will most likely get what you pay for when choosing a fabrication company worth it’s salt.

As a stainless steel sheet manufacturer in India, RP Lasertech offers customers convenience, innovation, resources, and expertise at a very reasonable price. We achieve this by combining cutting-edge design with modern professionalism. With RP Lasertech, you will always receive the highest quality, service, and value. Contact us to get more information on sheet manufacturing & price quotes. 

7 Reasons you should work with the Local Sheet Metal fabricator

The demand for stainless steel sheet manufacturers in India is increasing. As a result, more businesses now provide metal fabricating services. Many of these have built a significant presence in the industry and provide services in various regions of the nation. However, for personal benefit and comfort in doing business, hiring a local metal fabricator is a wise idea. No matter how far we have come in making the world a smaller place via the internet, nothing matches the certainty of actually meeting and working.

Additionally, there are many more benefits to hiring a local sheet metal fabricator. Using a local sheet metal fabricator is frequently believed to be a better deal. It results from the many advantages it provides that we will cover in this article.

Seven Key Benefits of Going with a Local Metal fabricator

Major benefits as to why you should associate with a local metal manufacturer:

  • Minimized Expenses Due to Local Accessibility

Moving big items has significant costs involved. Shipping takes time, but it also costs money. Although a remote metal fabricator might be able to make your product for less money, the expense of transporting the finished product to your location will usually offset any cost savings.

Given the rising petroleum expense, time and location are becoming valuable commodities. Keeping your product close to home can significantly minimize transportation costs and associated expenses if you need to have it brought to you for assembly, packing, or finishing. It will increase the prices or reduce your profit margins to ship your finished part or component across the country to your production facility or distribution location.

  • Ease of Communication Between Both the Parties

Ease of Communication

Better communication is a definite benefit of working with a local metal fabricator. Every fabrication project needs a clear channel of communication to succeed. A key benefit is communicating directly with the fabricator and their team in the shop as needed, especially once the job has started. The project can proceed more quickly if you can see your fabricator in person and continue communicating with them frequently to go through the precision sheet metal fabrications, product specifications, and any necessary revisions. You can drop by and address any unforeseen issues in person. 

It’s much more probable that you will be able to remove extra rounds of reviews and corrections and have a more streamlined procedure if you’re working with a local metal fabricator who is actually in sync with you instead of someone sitting miles away from you.

  • Easier to Find Contractors through Local Network and Word of Mouth

Easier to Find Contractors

One can easily avoid strenuous research at a local level as word of mouth can be a great credible source for hiring a local sheet manufacturer. This saves the time of going through potential sheet manufacturing businesses and finding the one out of a long list of available options. You can rely on what the word is in your local market and get a bunch of competitive options to choose from.

  • Availability at All Times for a Smooth Flow of Work

Availability at All Times for a Smooth FlowofWork

In many ways, working with a nearby stainless steel fabricator is a collaborative process. Being there enables the project’s flow to advance more steadily and without interruption when it’s time to test a prototype or review a particular area of the product plans. There are probably dozens of exact specifications and features for your goods, and there won’t be any room for misunderstanding. If you are involved in the process, you are there to approve changes, modify the design, or address unforeseen issues. Eliminating costly errors and making repairs in real-time streamlines the process, saves time, and keeps the project within budget.

  • Saves Time of Going through Lengthy Supply Chains

Saves Time of Going through Lengthy Supply Chains

When you work with a nearby metal fabricator, you can speed up the time it takes to get your project to market because of proximity. A local fabricator can help pick up or deliver the order nearby. Local access also refers to quick access to that part without causing a pause in production if the fabrication shop is generating a part or component required for the ongoing manufacture of an application. The ability to regulate volume, whether cyclical or steady, to line with sales estimates or, in an ideal world, demand as needed, allowing the generation of income ahead of expenses, is made possible by local orders requiring less lead time.

  • Better Knowledge of the Local Market Means Better Customer Service

Better Knowledge of the Local Market

The best partner for you will foresee issues and know how to handle them should they occur. And who better understands your difficulties than someone in a similar situation? 

A nearby metal fabricator will know how to effectively protect your investment, considering everything from the beginning to the end of the fabrication process. 

In addition to logistical and atmospheric factors, local businesses are more likely to be familiar with local laws and permission procedures, making the process easier for you. These are areas when a corporation from another state, or perhaps another nation, will be completely clueless.

  • Support Local Fabricators and Local Economy

Support Local Fabricators

Choosing the best partner for your bespoke metal fabrication project is crucial. The vitality of the community where you conduct business is also important in attracting the talent your firm needs to succeed. Adopting business strategies that promote neighborhood and regional economies, those of fabricators, suppliers, and contractors, will keep those economies strong. Contribute to a larger community and local economy by supporting a nearby metal fabricator.

Can you provide a price estimate?

Can you provide a price estimate?

RP Lasertech is supremely fair with its pricing policy. You can call us for a price quote of the services you want to avail from us. Providing a price estimate fully depends on your required services and is calculated accordingly. However, we can promise you fair prices and quality of work if you decide to associate with us. We are among the top-ranked stainless steel fabricators in the industry.



We are a promising sheet metal fabrication company that provides top-notch quality services to our clients. We value how the Internet, email, and other digital phenomena have improved company efficiency. However, that ease comes at a price, and working with a nearby metal fabricator has significant benefits. If you also believe in our ideology of working face to face in the actual world, do call us for an appointment or price quote on our services.

5 Reasons That Make Steel Buildings Eco-friendly

Buildings using steel frames are becoming more and more commonplace. One might wonder why there has been such a significant movement in favour of steel buildings over conventional brick buildings in residential and industrial construction.

It is very much likely that there is a growing preference for steel-frame structures over brick ones. Compared to standard building bricks, they are more environmentally friendly.

Steel’s inherent qualities are responsible for the various benefits of eco-friendly steel constructions. It possesses excellent machinability, fire resistance, and durability. Steel provides dependable support and can be utilised with other building materials. There are many different building materials available, but only a select few are produced energy-efficiently.

What Are The Benefits Of Building With Steel?

There are plenty of benefits when building a structure with steel-oriented material. Some of those benefits are:

  • It provides quality to the long-lasting structure.
  • Quick installation is a perk for construction, and steel does that efficiently.
  • It strengthens the building, ensuring the future safety of the people in and around the structure.
  • Steel is very versatile and can take heavy loads to construct structures that are larger than life and impossible to build with other materials.

RP Lasertech is among the best stainless steel sheets manufacturers in India for quality products, do contact us.

What Makes Steel Buildings Eco-friendly?

Certain factors contribute to making a steel building eco-friendly. The factors include:

  • Less Construction Waste


Steel has the benefit of producing less construction waste than other building materials, which is of its benefits. On-site personnel would find it challenging to navigate the area due to litter stretched out everywhere, reducing the efficiency of construction activities.

When it comes to steel, the situation is different. It is so because you will only receive the precise amount of steel materials required for a given job. For instance, getting steel from a reputable provider enables you to get what you require. You will receive a precise estimate of the number of steel sheets, pipes, or structural frameworks needed for your structure.

  • Durable


Although steel is inherently strong by nature, numerous heat treatment and production techniques increase its toughness. These procedures modify the grain structure of the steel, enhancing its strength, tensile strength, hardenability, corrosion resistance, and other qualities.

These materials can offer durability that other materials can’t get when used in construction. Despite being robust, wood material can quickly lose its quality when exposed to external factors like moisture.

When these products are swapped out for steel equivalents, not even water can change the physical characteristics of the steel. It is since they have been strengthened and created to withstand situations that could potentially harm the goods.

  • Solar Power Capabilities


Finding sustainable energy sources, such as wind, hydro, geothermal, solar, and the like, has been a recurring trend. Industries are attempting to use less non-renewable energy sources, such as fossil fuels to generate electricity. Residential and commercial buildings have started utilising more commercially available renewable energy storage, such as solar panels, to lower the load on the electrical grid.

In light of this, steel structures are much better suited to support solar panels installed on building rooftops.

  • High fire-resistance


Faulty electrical wiring, left-on kitchen appliances, gas leaks, and other issues are among the many causes of building fires. Every structure component should be routinely inspected to the greatest extent possible to ensure that it conforms to fire safety regulations.

If you didn’t know, structural steel is also considered a non-combustible material. A structure made primarily of steel components would be safe in the case of a fire. Because the fire can’t spread unchecked to other building areas, it is easier to suppress. Because of their high fire-resistance rating, materials like pipes and studs are suited for areas with extreme heat and pressure.

  • Recyclable


Once the fibers of wood have rotted, recycling them is impossible. Steel is a good addition because the majority of them may still be recycled and put to other, more useful applications. Although one can still recycle plastic in some cases, it is not always environmentally friendly to use for structural applications.

Around 40% of the structural steel used in buildings has been reused globally. It is due to several factors, including the ability of steel to maintain its physical characteristics even after reprocessing and the ease with which metal refineries can process recycled materials. The finished goods produced can still be given out for use in other applications.


With constant effort to create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, steel buildings greatly contribute to this mission. Steel has many properties that make it eco-friendly, hence a much better and more reliable option than the others. In the coming years, many buildings will be steel oriented and use more steel in building the infrastructure. RP Lasertech metal manufacturing company is among the best in the market. For any queries regarding our products or related information, visit our website or call us.

Founder’s Journey towards Entrepreneurship

In 2013, with the rise of the entrepreneurial wave in India, Rohan was inspired by the idea of creating value for the community he belonged to and supporting the country’s shift towards achieving the status of an empowered nation.

After much deliberation and market research, RP Lasertech’s foundation was laid in 2014, with a mission to “engineer imagination”. The inception had started in early 2013. The company started as a means of diversification of the existing family-owned company AV Engineers and to disrupt the burgeoning sheet metal fabrication industry.

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