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RP Lasertech- Machine X- Bravo 60-2000

RP Lasertech is synonymous with innovation and excellence in the industry. With our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, we constantly strive to raise the bar and push the boundaries of what’s possible. At RP Lasertech, we firmly believe in bettering ourselves to deliver cutting-edge solutions that surpass expectations, ensuring our customers always stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.


Introducing the revolutionary Machine X- Bravo 60-2000 from RP Lasertech! With an impressive daylight of 700mm, this cutting-edge machinery is designed to bend deep boxes easily. Featuring the R axis with 200mm stokes, it enables seamless bending of Z bends and complex parts, ensuring unparalleled precision. The frame proportional deflection compensation system, known as G Reflex, guarantees high accuracy in bending angles, while the bolted frame technology ensures long-term durability and accuracy. Equipped with a CE standard double shift foot pedal, operators can maximise productivity while maintaining safety standards.


The back gauge of Machine X- Bravo 60-2000 is moved through racks, allowing for backlash recovery, and powered by brushless motors of the latest generation. The GRP system in the back gauge ensures exceptional X-axis accuracy of +/-0.02mm and repeatability of +/-0.001mm. To safeguard the machine and the operator, the anti-collision back gauge fingers act as a “plus” point, preventing potential damage caused by operator manoeuvres. The DSP laser safety system is incorporated to prevent malfunctions at the panic station, ensuring the operator’s well-being and peace of mind.


Experience the next level of productivity and precision with RP Lasertech’s Machine X- Bravo 60-2000. Elevating our manufacturing capabilities and helping us stay ahead of the competition with this innovative machinery designed to optimise output and deliver exceptional results. Trust RP Lasertech’s commitment to excellence as we continue to revolutionise the industry with our cutting-edge technology.

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