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Engineering Your Imagination: RP Lasertech launched a new brand identity!

Entering a new decade, RP Lasertech has rebranded its Visual Identity and Mission to reflect its new commitment for the new decade. As one of the fastest growing Sheet Metal Fabrication companies in India, RP Lasertech, in the years that follow, will work in line with its tagline “Engineering Your Imagination” and will offer solutions that meet expectations for customers across various industries.

The new tagline is in line with our belief that a great product is a result of in-depth understanding of the customer’s requirement, transforming imaginations into practical realities, and manufacturing products which set the benchmark of innovative engineering.

We are on our way to establishing ourselves as a leader among sheet metal companies; by entering new markets, diversifying our business base & increasing presence in markets and segments that are growing rapidly.

Here’s what our Managing Director Rohan Popli has to say about the new brand identity and his plans for the future.

“As we move, we at RP Lasertech Pvt Ltd. look at the future with a lot of optimism and are ready to make the best of the opportunities we get with our unparalleled quality standards and strong relationships with our customers. We recognize that the only lasting competitive advantage is the higher quality of services at an affordable cost. Therefore, we are continuously working on the details that add to the ‘better quality’ and improve the manufacturing processes. We will do our best to be the best manufacturers of sheet metal components in the world.”

Click here to read his entire message.


Date: 01st August, 2020

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