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Steel Structure manufacturer

RP Lasertech is India’s leading Steel Structure Fabricator Manufacturer in India. We have experience in designing and fabricating steel structures and manufacturing bespoke pieces for our cherished customers.
We fabricate these steel structures with the help of advanced technology, which ensures quality products for our customers. Our experienced engineers can provide the exact product requested to our valued clients in complete conformity with their requirements. Our company is reckoned for the design and manufacturing top good quality metal structures. We build these with the most superior quality raw materials we get from a trusted source, guaranteeing a long lifespan. Our experts use top-quality equipment and tools for fabrication, using innovative techniques.
The Metal structures manufactured by RP Lasertech are the finest on the market. These include:
  • UPS cabinets
  • Kitchen Equipment Suppliers
  • display rack manufacturers
  • electrical panel box manufacturers
  • Telecom Rack
Let’s take a look at each one in turn:
CNC Laser Cutting

Steel Structure manufacturer

UPS is an acronym for an uninterruptible power supply. A UPS functions as the core of every industry since it helps keep everything running without a hitch during an outage of short duration. If there is an outage that lasts for a long time, it provides ample time to convert to an alternative power source. Imagine your home is the place that continues to run smoothly despite any circumstances, and the inhabitants inside can enjoy the peace and not chaos.

RP Lasertech supports different companies in manufacturing top-of-the-line UPS cabinets. These cabinets are made from graded materials, which comply with established industry standards and impeccable finish. They are acclaimed for their durability, reliability, sturdiness, and various colours, with no sharp edges. A UPS battery cabinet covers circuits that supply uninterrupted power to several appliances, such as desktop computers. Our UPS cabinets online are also available in customized forms based on the requirements of our clients.

We are the cabinet manufacturers of UPS Cabinets made with best-in-class Sheet Metals. The material procured is of the best quality and is sourced from some of the best & reliable sources. To learn more about the manufacturing process, contact our experts to fix an appointment.

Steel Structure manufacturer

The importance of storage in a modern home cannot be overstated. RP manufactures Hitech industrial kitchen equipment for small restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Commercial kitchens are one of our specialities. During the development process, we consider several factors, including the layout, dimensions, and setup of your kitchen.

As kitchen equipment manufacturers, our quality experts pay special attention to design and quality. Our delivery mechanism ensures a swift flow of materials. Storage facilities can ensure the long-term preservation of the product by providing the best temperature and moisture control.

CNC Laser Cutting
CNC Laser Cutting

Steel Structure manufacturer

Through continuous improvement, our display rack manufacturers strive to improve customer satisfaction and operational excellence by producing and supplying display racks that meet our customers’ specifications and implied needs.

RP’s customized display stand manufacturers’ solutions are carved meticulously by experienced carpenters, beautifying each product they hold.

Steel Structure manufacturer

Extreme marine conditions require the use of electrical panels to keep electrical components protected.

As electrical panel box manufacturers, we maintain ISO Standards through stringent quality analysis by our quality analysts. Our production team ensures that all materials are sourced from certified vendors. Together with the use of advanced technology and groundbreaking innovation, this ensures the delivery of flawless products to our clients.

CNC Laser Cutting
CNC Laser Cutting

Steel Structure manufacturer

Integrated with our innovative products as telecom rack manufacturers, we provide you with a platform that includes enclosures, power distribution, climate control, and IT infrastructure. You benefit from our extensive selection of telecom racks.

Perforated Cable Tray


  • Exceptional power density.
  • Featuring industry-leading safety and no thermal runaway.
  • Seismic-rated UPS battery cabinets.
  • Lightweight and low maintenance.
  • High-temperature operation and long battery life provide a low total cost of ownership.
  • A flawless construction protects the internal electrical assembly.


  • Tray cable is ideal for use in facilities that extract and manufacture fuel, given their harsh environments
  • Water treatment plants use tray cable because it is suitable for dry as well as wet conditions.
  • The jacketing and insulation of tray cable are carefully considered in electrical co-generation
  • Cable trays can be used in wastewater treatment plants for dry and wet applications.


According to most recommendations, UPS cabinets should have an output capacity of at least 20-25% greater than the total wattage of all the devices you plan to connect. Power consumption will decrease the length of time the UPS can power everything. If you want to figure out how much load your UPS is carrying, you can use the UPS watts calculator.
There are a lot of cabinet door manufacturers and cabinet suppliers near me with websites and online stores. To buy one, visit
UPS cabinets are essential for power protection strategies, so ups cabinet prices depend on several factors besides their capability to provide enough power to meet your needs. Take into account the following factors:
  • Understand the limitations and capabilities of your installation environment. 
  • Identify how much power your infrastructure needs for critical applications.
  • In addition to battery backup power, battery runtime is calculated as the time the UPS has available to power connected equipment.

UPS cabinet solutions with the right power protection are essential for data centers and mission-critical facilities, which affects the pricing for the cabinet manufacturers near me.
Backup power from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also called a battery backup, is provided when your regular power supply fails or the voltage falls too low. A safe, orderly shutdown of a computer and connected equipment is possible with a computer UPS cabinet.

You can choose between front access UPS battery cabinets or top terminal (monobloc) UPS battery cabinets. Batteries are housed in heavy gauge steel cabinets with welded frames and powder-coated finishes to protect them from acid.
  • Equipment for industrial cooking (Tava, heavy burner range)
  • Equipment and tools for commercial dishwashing
  • Commercial Grills and broilers
  • food service equipment(trolley)
  • Commercial Ovens
  • Food Counters
  • Commercial Fryers, etc
  • Two Deck Oven
  • Grease traps
  • Chillers 
  • Trolleys and Racks
Yes. These racks can tolerate various weather conditions, and they’re commonly found in environments where freezers and coolers are used, including commercial kitchens, high humidity, and the outdoors. Galvanization makes these racks corrosion-resistant.
Display stands are often constructed from durable metals, stainless steel or aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent choice for metal displays because it is lightweight and easy to assemble.
An electrical panel is a box that distributes electricity within a home by connecting the main power line. During power distribution to different circuits, circuit breakers and fuses ensure no overcurrents.
Check for the following:

  • The size of circuit breakers varies.
  • Panels with moisture or rust.
  • Box with loose panels.
  • Makes popping or crackling sounds.
  • Panel box damage caused by insects or other pest
The telecommunications industry uses telecom racks for mounting telecom equipment, as the name suggests. The telecom industry needs a variety of telecom racks, depending on their usage.
  • 4-post open frame.
  • Cabinet enclosure (or cabinet server rack) 
  • Wall-mount server rack.
  • Dust- and water-resistant server racks 
  • Self-contained server racks.
  • Portable server racks

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